Mastering Sales in the New Era

Bringing you over 30 hours of video content that can be leveraged in developing sales leadership, onboarding new sales people and for on-going online group or individual training. Topics & tracks are designed for owners, sales leaders, salespeople, designers and future sales talent to take their game to the next level.


Additional Speakers & Moderators:

Kermit Baker, Senior Research Fellow at Harvard University

Cindy Cipriani, VP of Sales/Business Team and Individual Success Coach/Author

Joy Kilgore, President/Founder at EBA PRIME and Lean Remodeling

Nima Oftadeh, Head of Analytics Home & Consumer Services at Google

Erika Taylor, Director of Content at Pro Remodeler


Jack Daly

Speaker & Sales Trainer
at Jack Daly Sales


Design + Build



  • Growing Sales Team Members

  • Cutting Edge Tech Tools

  • The Advocate vs. The Peddler

  • Managing Budget Creep

  • What Actually Makes You Different

  • Silver Linings of Home
    Improvement Hardships

  • Building a Winning Sales Culture

  • Creating Urgency: Science vs Art

  • The Tales We Sell

  • Upselling That Works Better

  • Sales Training: An Investment, 
    Not an Expense

  • Motivating Through Challenging Times

  • World-Class Sales Meeting

  • Selling in a Pandemic

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